Whitewater Kayaking

The promotion of whitewater kayaking is one of the main goals of the Los Angeles Kayak Club. Whitewater kayaking is fun! Splashing through waves, carving a boat through rapids, and enjoying beautiful river scenery are some of perks of whitewater kayaking. California’s incredible array of rivers of all levels of difficulty makes it an ideal place to paddle. Like snowboarding, beginner-level whitewater kayaking can be learned in just a couple of days, though it’s important to learn basic safety information and techniques. Get on the river! The LA Kayak club makes it easy for you to learn and to get on the water!


Photo credit: Jonah Grubb

Beginner trips

Twice a year, the LA Kayak Club organizes a weekend dedicated to teaching beginners to kayak! The fun weekend takes beginners through a tried-and-true learning progression that culminates in running fun splashy rapids! Our beginner weekends are operated as fund-raisers for the club and so are fun and relaxed cooperative adventures. Instructors for the weekend volunteer their time and typically bring over 50 years (in total) of whitewater experience. For more information on dates for the trips, visit our Facebook page and look for “events” or contact us.


Leaders and Seconds

At least once a year, the LA Kayak Club organizes a “leader-training” weekend for kayakers who want to improve their abilities to lead new kayakers down the river and to teach basic skills. We use scenarios, simulations, and discussions to hone our abilities and learn the key teaching, leadership, and communication skills. Many of our leaders or seconds (assistant leaders) help lead the beginner trips. For more information on dates for the Leaders and Seconds course, contact us.


Photo credit: Jonah Grubb

Roll training

The ability to roll a kayak is an essential skill for participating in the sport safely. Several of our members are available to teach new paddlers the basics or assist experienced boaters “tune-up” their rolls. If you would like to work on your roll, contact the club and let folks know what you are looking for.

Rescue classes

Swiftwater rescue skills can save a life in a fast moving river. Basic rescue techniques are typically included in club training events. For more advanced and formal instruction, classes designed for recreational boaters are available from commercial training companies such as Sierra Rescue.  If club members are interested, it is possible that a group class could be organized.