Kayak Polo

Several of our members enjoy the sport of kayak polo.

Kayak Polo, known as Canoe Polo outside of North America, is a competitive team sport played in specialized boats built for lightness, speed and maneuverability. It is a full-contact game and the boats have integrated foam bumpers for impact and players wear fully padded PFDs and helmets with face-masks. The game plays like a combination of basketball, soccer and water polo.

We run classes at UCLA available through their recreation department. Classes are currently on hold due to coronavirus. The classes are usually split between Beginner Clinics; which are perfect for folks who have either never kayaked or have kayaked but have never played kayak polo and Intermediate Sessions; which are designed for those who have the requisite paddling and game skills and need less formal instruction and want more game play and scrimmage time.

We sometimes run weekend day events at Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey or at Hansen Dam’s Aquatic Center.

Events are currently on hold until we can safely host games again.

Events are held at: UCLA Sunset Canyon Park Pool

UCLA Recreation Sign-Up https://www.recreation.ucla.edu/

California Kayak Polo Regional Tournament TBD

Either at Hansen Dam or San Francisco (Location TBD)

US Kayak Polo Nationals are usually held annually. TBD for the next nationals.

Our club has hosted US Nationals for the sport three times; in 2003, 2009 and 2015. These competitions are held in the United States every year, usually in the fall (September or October). This year, our club is planning to host some regional training camps and competitions with other California clubs from the Bay Area and the San Diego region.

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) oversees the sport and other canoeing disciplines and World Championships have been held every two years since the first event in 1994 in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

The 2016 Canoe Polo World Championships were held in Syracuse, Italy. Here is the Men’s Championship game between France and Italy.

We hope see you all on the water soon.