Fun stuff and useful links

Thank you to Jonah Grubb for providing many of the photos for this website!

Here is a cool  video by our friends at TEAM SO CAL

Please consider supporting American Whitewater. They work hard to protect our rivers and recreational access. Without them we wouldn’t have rivers to play in! Also, they have a huge river database which you may use for free.

Looking for water? Try Dreamflows.

Looking for runs in the western US? Check out CA creeks.

We have a page for information about runs and current flows of the Kern river. 

Looking for WW boats and gear? Visit Sierra South.

Looking for quality instructional videos for free? Try this playlist on rolling and bracing. One of the many collections compiled by Paddle Education on You Tube.

Looking to connect with boaters around Central and Northern California? Visit

And finally, a lighthearted video celebrating club boaters everywhere.

And this fun video. Enjoy!