About the club

The Los Angeles Kayak Club is affiliated with the American Canoe Association.

Our events are insured by the ACA. Coverage is free for ACA members. For non ACA members, coverage is available for $5 per event.

Please use this form: aca_waiver_2014__adult for attending ACA sanctioned events with the club.

There are no fees to belong to the LAKC. Some events may require a small fee or suggested donation to cover costs.

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WARNING: Whitewater Kayaking and Rafting is an extremely dangerous and foolish activity. No one in their right mind should ever attempt it. Failure to heed this warning will likely end in serious injury or death. Other likely results are, but not limited to; loss of productivity at work, an obsession with ever larger vehicles capable of transporting an ever growing collection of boats and gear, spending many nights sleeping in said vehicle, a degradation of personal grooming habits, a wardrobe of foul smelling clothing and booties, the inability to detect such smells, the habit of drinking beer from said booties, a loss of social connection with coworkers, friends and family, acquiring new social connections with other unemployed smelly river fanatics who live in vans and tents, darkly tanned skin on the face and hands only, deep facial wrinkles from constant smiling, and finally, the inability to enjoy a dreary life without the magic of floating down a river through spectacular natural beauty ever again. You have been warned.