Los Angeles Kayak Club

The Los Angeles Kayak Club (LAKC) is a group of friendly paddlers who organize events and promote the sport. Most of us paddle whitewater, though we welcome sea kayakers, stand up paddle boarders, surfskiers, and all who love the wet.

We do a limited number of organized programs every year. These include our long-standing Beginning Whitewater class, as well as our Cobwebs Weekend and Surf sessions. Click through to our 2021 Calendar.

Much beyond that happens informally, in new and renewed friendships.  If you are new to kayaking or new to the area, check out our page of links and information and our page for the Kern river.

Currently most of our communication happens on our Facebook page.  If you would like to reach the club directly try lakayakclub@gmail.com.

See you on the water!

Photo Credit: Jonah Grubb