Los Angeles Kayak Club

The LA Kayak Club is an informal group of friendly paddlers who organize events and promote the sport. Most members are focused on whitewater paddling. The whitewater community in Los Angeles is very small for the size of the area. Our primary function is to provide a line of communication for local boaters, host several events every year and assist new paddlers get started safely. Whitewater kayaking is a very safe and rewarding sport that people enjoy for a lifetime. But the learning curve can be steep and there are few local resources available. If you are new to kayaking or new to the area, check out our page of links and information and our page for the Kern river.

If you are interested in connecting with other boaters, no matter your experience level, you have come to the right place. Currently most of our communication happens on our Facebook page. Keep up with the club there. If you would like to reach the club directly simply use our contact page.

See you on the water!

Photo Credit: Jonah Grubb